Open Data Kosovo is a civic-tech organization that uses technology to contribute towards good governance, transparency, and accountability. We contribute to the development of a local and vibrant tech scene through youth engagement with new and enabling technologies to problem-solve social issues. Open Data Kosovo has partnered with great local and international organizations such as Amnesty International, US State Department, UNDP, The Engine Room to produce exciting and impacting products. We are currently seeking a Full-Stack Software Developer to join our vibrant team.

The Full-Stack Software Developer responsibilities:
Providing expert mentorship to youths developing digital platforms within the organization projects

Being fully focused on and responsible to offer technical support to these youths

Ensuring overall quality of developed end-products

Execution of full lifecycle software development

Designing, developing and deploying the project in an efficient way in the time frame planned for the project

Working on understanding the client needs, in this case the specific technical needs of the project deliverables

Working in technical issues, development tools or other technical needs

Occasionally there may be a need for assistance in the meetings where technical specifications and requests will be discussed.
The ideal candidate should be skilled in or familiar with:
Translation of designer mock-ups and wireframes into front-end code

API Creation and RESTful services

MongoDB, Python (Flask), and Node.js (Express.js)

Operating System: Unix-like system such as Ubuntu or MacOS

Solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, and system design.

Database administration and management of a hosting environment

Version control with GitHub

Work experience in software development

Leadership / Outspoken / Outgoing

Communication, both verbal and writing skills in both Albanian and English.
Please make all submissions to jobs@opendatakosovo.org with a CV and a Cover Letter.